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Symphony of Service: A Call to Rehearsal

Posted by Erik Hall on

We have a small magnetic whiteboard on our refrigerator at home. Amy encourages our family to take turns writing an inspirational quote on this whiteboard to share something positive, encouraging, or inspirational for the day. Recently our son, Collin, took a turn: “Hard work beats...

Symphony of Service: A Part of the Orchestra

Posted on

Part of our American culture and heritage is rugged individualism. We love stories of people who pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. We strive to be self-made, self-directed, and self-actualized. We expect to be masters of our destiny and accomplish all that we independently work hard...

The Promise of Assurance

Posted by Erik Hall on

Why do bad things happen to good people? This is probably one of the most difficult, faith-testing questions there are. As a pastor I have had the privilege of connecting with all sorts of people around issues of faith. And, I can honestly say, this single issue more than any other, has been...

The Promise of Legacy

Posted by Erik Hall on

In this life…   we don’t live forever.   Yes, of course, God has promised us eternal life when God ushers in the new heaven and new earth. But, for now, we live (and live imperfectly at that) and we die. We see ‘dimly’ (partially, incompletely), the...

The Promise of the Holy Spirit

Posted on

‘I don’t know’. What helpless words these are. There are so many things we don’t know How many universes are there? How do you drive to Tierra Del Fuego Chile from NJ? What will be tomorrow’s lottery numbers? Where will I be in 10 years? 30 years? What is...

The Promise of Messiah

Posted on

Christmas in July is really a thing… It turns out that there are lots of reasons and motivations to celebrate Christmas in July (I got these from Wikipedia…   where else?) People in the southern hemisphere, whose Christmas season comes smack dab in the middle of their...

The Promise of Presence

Posted by Erik Hall on

God is always present with us…   but we mostly take it for granted. Think about it. When the routines of life are predictable and safe. When we are comfortable, prosperous, and things are going our way. Times like these we may almost completely forget that God is with...

The Promise of Blessing

Posted by Erik Hall on

Every morning, I wake up and take our two dogs downstairs for breakfast and a walk. And every morning, the first thing our Golden Retriever (Nala) does when she gets downstairs is to flop on her back for a belly rub. In nature, animals have an instinct to protect the vulnerable parts of their...

The Promise of Forbearance

Posted by Erik Hall on

If you worry about the end of the world…   GOOD NEWS! It’s happened already. And God has promised it will never happen again. Early on in human history God became remorseful because the evil inclinations of humankind were ruling and ruining the world God had created...

The Promise of Life


Posted by Erik Hall on

Why do we exist? Why does anything exist? Isn’t it really really really odd that we exist at all? I know, these aren’t questions we typically ask ourselves in the midst of daily, hectic life in the 21st century. We focus on surviving and thriving day by day, year by year. We are...