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In Person Worship Registration

Posted by Anna Gillette on

All people attending will need to register for worship either online or by calling the church office. In order to keep all safe, there is a limited number of people allowed to worship in each space, 50 in the Sanctuary and 70 in the Fellowship Hall. To register online, click here for...

A Note from Pastor Anna August 28th

Posted by Anna Gillette on

A Note From Pastor Anna We have some exciting news! The building will be open for worship on September 13. Worship times and locations will be the same as they were before Covid-19. There will be some clear rules to ensure safety for all, including registering for worship ahead of time so we do...

A Note from Pastor Anna August 14th

Posted by Anna Gillette on

A Note From Pastor Anna Have you ever found yourself doing the “up turn” or the “down look”? Let me tell you what I mean. The "up turn” refers to turning your nose up at somebody, the “down look” is looking down on somebody. Either way, these two...

A Note from Pastor Anna August 8th

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A Note From Pastor Anna One of my favorite prayers was written by Augustine, “Thou hast made us for Thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in Thee.” This prayer is humble and simple, just the way Jesus taught us to pray. It is our quiet time with God that...

A Note from Pastor Anna July 31st

Posted by Anna Gillette on

When my brothers and I were young our mom always told us to “use kind words.” As you can imagine, we didn’t always do so. When we used unkind words, mom made us hold hands, look each other in the eyes, and give one another an honest compliment. In our minds, that was the worst...

Salt and Light

Posted by Anna Gillette on

The stories that Jesus would share with the crowds included vivid examples of the world around them. Pastor Anna helps us to reimagine what Jesus was sharing with his listeners and what we should do about it. Our scripture today is Matthew 5:12-16. 


Posted by Anna Gillette on

What does it mean to say, “I’m blessed”?We say this when describing the things for which we are grateful. I can truly say that I am blessed to be here at St. Andrew.It’s a whole different thing, however, when we say, “You are blessed.” When we tell others they...

God's Imagination

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Have you ever stopped to think about God's imagination? Isn't it good to know that God's Imagination is so much bigger than our imagination? Pastor Anna examines Paul's letter to the the Ephesians beginning in chapter three to help us to consider a future that's so much more than we can imagine...

Overcomers- Holy Spirit

Posted by Erik Hall on

What’s in it for me! Isn’t this the question of our times? “What’s in it for me?” captures our compulsion to self-interest. “What’s in it for me?” drives our everyday consumer expectations and decisions. We often look to be served, entertained...

Overcomers- A Conquering Faith

Posted by Erik Hall on

One of the hardest things to do in raising teenagers is convincing them that you, the parent, know better than they do. I say its one of the hardest things…   its actually darn near impossible! Something happens to a child when they become a teenager that makes them think they...