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United Methodist Men

A United Methodist Man is any man in the United Methodist Church, including male teens which have been confirmed. You do not need to attend the monthly UMM breakfast to be part of the group.

UMM Mission Statement:

To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

UMM Purpose:

To declare the centrality of Christ in every man’s life. This is expressed as all men engage in daily Bible Study, witness to Christ in daily work and relationships, and intentional Christian service to others. We want men to know Christ so others may know Christ.

Our primary concerns are getting men involved in a closer walk with the Lord, support of youth through Scouting and other youth organizations and short-term mission projects.

Are you one of those men who “does” but doesn’t talk about it? The Bible says we should not boast about what we do. That said, we encourage you to share what you do that benefits others with us – to inspire us. We’re not looking to pull you in to put more on your “plate” but to learn what our brothers are doing. This might develop new ideas for mission work or offer you additional help in your endeavor.

Do you have an mission idea or a calling that you just haven’t been able to bring to fruition? Maybe our local UMM unit can help!