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Follow Jesus: Surrender

Posted by Erik Hall on

It’s tough to be humble in our world today. There is so much pressure to be assertive (even aggressive), confident (even arrogant), proactive (even offensive). If we show any signs of deference, if we ever claim we aren’t sure of something, if we back-down to anyone for anything, we...

Lenten Journey 2019

Posted by Erik Hall on

Everyone knows that Easter is the most important and most celebrated Christian holiday of the year. We are not just celebrating the peace and joy of Jesus’ birth and God’s presence with us, like we do at Christmas. We are celebrating the reality that God loved the world so much that...

The Jesus Lifestlye


Posted by Erik Hall on

I was watching the Academy Awards the other night. The best and the brightest both on the screen and behind the scenes were recognized for their talent, hard-work, and commitment to their craft. During many of the acceptance speeches there was thanks and praise, celebration of the arts, stories...

Follow Me

Posted by Erik Hall on

In 1 John 4:18 it says “perfect love casts out fear”. But, how many of us trust this? Usually, most of us just try to avoid the things we are afraid of. When Jesus calls us to follow him, he calls us to a courageous love that overcomes and casts out fear. Jesus said, “follow...

Be Not Afraid


Posted by Erik Hall on

What makes you feel most alive? What makes life worth living? There can be varied answers to these questions, but when it comes right down to it…   it’s a pretty short list. ‘Love’ is usually on that short list. The relationships we have with family, friends...

Audacious Love

Posted by Erik Hall on

I’ve been surfing for close to 40 years. I can honestly say that there hasn’t been a season of my life (through the best and worst of times) that surfing did not provide an anchoring experience of joy and fulfillment. And I treasure it immensely. But, is NOT what my life revolves...

Winter Worship Theme: Love Does

Posted by Erik Hall on

As we embark on the journey of 2019 we will be challenging ourselves to 'do' the love that God calls us to. We can't just study it. We can't just plan and make strategies about it. We can't just observe others doing it. We, ourselves, must leap into the adventure that Jesus is calling us...

Free to Fail

Posted by Erik Hall on

We know the story, it took Thomas Edison something like 10,000 failed attempts to invent the light bulb. And, who can forget the story of the now ubiquitous POST-IT Notes? The adhesive created by 3M wasn’t sticky enough for any useful application…   a failed experiment. A...

So Also I Am Sending You

Posted by Erik Hall on

What’s in it for me! Isn’t this the question of our times? “What’s in it for me?” captures our self-interest, our capitalist spirit. “What’s in it for me?” drives our consumer expectations and decisions. We look to be served, entertained, and made...

Striking Appearance

Posted by Erik Hall on

In 2006 I led our youth group on our very first mission trip. We went to Thousandsticks UMC, Kentucky. Pastor Steve Springer was giving us our instructions and ‘pep-talk’ for the upcoming week. He said something that has remained with me all these years: “Keep your eyes open...