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Audacious Love

Posted by Erik Hall on

I’ve been surfing for close to 40 years. I can honestly say that there hasn’t been a season of my life (through the best and worst of times) that surfing did not provide an anchoring experience of joy and fulfillment. And I treasure it immensely. But, is NOT what my life revolves...

Winter Worship Theme: Love Does

Posted by Erik Hall on

As we embark on the journey of 2019 we will be challenging ourselves to 'do' the love that God calls us to. We can't just study it. We can't just plan and make strategies about it. We can't just observe others doing it. We, ourselves, must leap into the adventure that Jesus is calling us...

Free to Fail

Posted by Erik Hall on

We know the story, it took Thomas Edison something like 10,000 failed attempts to invent the light bulb. And, who can forget the story of the now ubiquitous POST-IT Notes? The adhesive created by 3M wasn’t sticky enough for any useful application…   a failed experiment. A...

So Also I Am Sending You

Posted by Erik Hall on

What’s in it for me! Isn’t this the question of our times? “What’s in it for me?” captures our self-interest, our capitalist spirit. “What’s in it for me?” drives our consumer expectations and decisions. We look to be served, entertained, and made...

Striking Appearance

Posted by Erik Hall on

In 2006 I led our youth group on our very first mission trip. We went to Thousandsticks UMC, Kentucky. Pastor Steve Springer was giving us our instructions and ‘pep-talk’ for the upcoming week. He said something that has remained with me all these years: “Keep your eyes open...


Posted by Erik Hall on

BEHOLD! We don’t really use this word anymore, so its hard to deliver the impact that the word is supposed to carry. BEHOLD! It’s a word that mixes surprise and wonder with commanding attention. BEHOLD! Is a single word that means...


Posted on

We have a phrase to describe being committed…   we say we are ‘giving 100%’ or we are ‘giving it our all’, or we are ‘all in’.  Sometimes, when we use the phrase, we are simply describing our investment in something we love but which may...


Posted by Erik Hall on

I was chatting with one of our church members after worship this past Sunday and he was telling me how tired he was from decorating the exterior of the house for Christmas. I can totally relate…   the lights, the ladders, the inflatables, the extension cords…  ...



Posted by Erik Hall on

The other day I saw a really great t-shirt. It was a military olive-green color and it had the word VETERAN prominently displayed across the front. The man wearing the shirt was ‘older’ (in his ‘50’s’ maybe), looked to be in great shape, and he had a big smile as he...

The Bread of Life

Posted by Erik Hall on

One of the greatest Thanksgiving traditions that so many in our culture participate in is this: giving to and serving those in need. Statistics show that, during Thanksgiving, food pantries are filled to overflowing, abundant baskets are prepared and delivered, community dinners are cooked and...