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JANUARY 2021:  During the months of January, February and March we are collecting items for the Spirit Lake Ministry Christmas Outreach Project for December 2021!  Please help us to gather the following items which will be packed into gift-filled Christmas packages for needy children and mailed to the Spirit Lake Ministry Center next fall.  We plan to assemble gift-filled packages for children of all ages from toddlers to teens. 

Winter Hats and Gloves (Please indicate the appropriate age for the hats and gloves)

Small stuffed animals and toys (to fit into a box the size of a shoebox);

Crayons, coloring books and pads

Child’s toothbrush (soft) and small tube of toothpaste  

Hygiene items like bars of soap (no liquids) and washcloths

School supplies like pens, pencils, markers and small writing pads.

For additional information about this outreach project, please contact Missions Coordinator Lucy DeBarge through the church office.  Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

For additional information about the Spirit Lake Ministry Christmas Outreach and our Christmas 2020 Project, please see the below article.


This is a special outreach to Native American children through a program sponsored by the Spirit Lake Ministry Center in North Dakota (an approved United Methodist Volunteers in Mission destination).

Each year at St. Andrew we gather donations of age-appropriate toys, stuffed animals, school supplies, hygiene items, and winter hats and gloves, and arrange them into gift-filled boxes which are mailed before Christmas to the Spirit Lake Ministry Center in Sheyenne, ND.

For Christmas 2020, St. Andrew prepared and shipped 8 gift-filled Christmas boxes!  After reaching the Spirit Lake Ministry Center, these gift-filled boxes will be distributed as part of the Center’s 2020 Christmas outreach program reaching Native American children in need living on reservations in SD, ND, and Minnesota.  In a recent email, Missionaries Rev. Mike and Libby Flowers expressed gratitude for the Christmas gifts sent to the Spirit Lake Ministry Center by St. Andrew: “It had been an extraordinary year. We are thankful for all the boxes we receive this year and thank you so very much for your prayers and support.”

Thank you and God bless you to everyone at St. Andrew who donated items for this project! Please continue to pray for the children who will receive these gifts and their families!