Saint Andrew United Methodist Church

1528 Church Road

Toms River NJ 08755


Are you an online shopper? The United Methodist Church has partnered with hundreds of stores that have agreed to give back a percentage of members’ purchases. The money that comes back is a direct micro-donation that goes to our local church. It’s easy to sign up; there is no cost to become a member; there is no cost to our local church. This donation platform is fully vetted and approved by the United Methodist General Council on Finance and Administration. Funds generated by UMCmarket will be designated for Missions projects at St. Andrew. By slightly changing your existing online shopping habits, you can support the Mission goals of our church. See details about this innovative program and how you can sign up to become a member of UMCmarket, please pick up a flyer or visit the Missions Bulletin Board in our Fellowship Hall Lobby. Visit the UMCmarket Website.

When selecting the organization to receive donations, please remember to choose Saint Andrew United Methodist Church, Toms River, NJ. Thank you!

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